Donate Now to help us expand our community classes!

Donate Now to help us expand our community classes! image




Join us in providing classes for ALL members of our community.

We, at KALEIDOSCOPE OF WNY INC., want to welcome you to our unique, fun atmosphere where all abilities are welcome. We are a hub that connects community partners with those who want to better their skills, become more independent, stay healthy and socialize.

The founders of this unique hub for community classes are ambassadors for change. True champions. The program they created is a hub for community classes. You will not find another program of its kind! The participants and their families have all become family. Collectively, our journeys all started out different as things do, but we all met at the same crossroads. What do we do after high school ends? Three special ladies took matters into their own hands. Tireless hours. Years of behind the scenes work. Think tank after think tank to make this dream become a reality.

-M. Slade-participant family member